World Class
Hospital Beds

Active Healthcare is proud to introduce LINET – the quality, trusted, global bed brand that’s worth making the switch to.

We have a full range of exceptional beds available now for all settings; ICU, acute care, ward beds and paediatric cots.

LINET headquarters and production are in Central Europe and the plant manufactures 40,000 hospital beds each year – all under one roof.

LINET regularly introduces solutions with innovative features and functions that reduce physical demands on staff, enhance the efficacy of care provided and increase patient comfort. These products are developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals and respected experts.

We’re proud to supply LINET beds exclusively to you in New Zealand.

Full Solution

  • Safe sleep for patients
  • Safe handling for patients and care staff
  • Early mobilisation through faster recovery
  •  Infection control
  •  Cost and time savin

High quality, European-made hospital beds
backed by Active Healthcare’s industry-trusted
service and support

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