Action Pilot Cushion


The Action Pilot Cushion is a low-profile cushion that provides exceptional pressure relief for most users with a pressure ulcer history. 1″ of Akton polymer provides immersion for bony prominences and protects clients with fragile skin integrity. This multi-use cushion is recommended for use on manual and power wheelchairs, truck or taxi seats, or for other uses requiring significantly reduced high pressure areas, vibration and shear.

Sizes: 16″x16″, 16″x18″, 18″x16″, 18″x18″, 18″x20″, 20″x16″, 20″x18″, 20″x20″
  Custom sizes available
Height: 1″ (25mm)
Weight:  5.2kg
Weight limit: 102kg
Accessories: Basic cover included. Incontinence cover available