Action Professional Cushion



The Action Professional Cushion provides exceptional pressure relief for users at risk of skin breakdown, or with a history of pressure ulcers. A full 1 5/8″ thickness of Akton polymer provides effective weight distribution on a contoured or flat surface. The Professional provides an additional 50% cushioning against pressure, shear and vibration. This is significant for active clients using a power wheelchair who have concerns about bottoming-out and the potential effects of increased temperatures (due to foam insulation properties).

Sizes: 16″x16″, 16″x18″, 18″x16″, 18″x18″, 18″x20″, 20″x18″, 20″x20″
Height: 1 5/8″ (41mm)
Weight: 8.4kg
Weight limit: 222kg
Accessories: Basic cover included. Incontinence cover available