Quickie Power Chairs

Fast supply and full support for Quickie Power Chairs and seating

Our goal is to make power chair prescription and supply faster and simpler for you, so you can deliver power chairs to your clients when they need them.

We deliver fast and provide full service and support. Your clients are active sooner. Your job is easier.

The Quickie QM-710 is a high performing mid-wheel drive power solution offering ultra-small turning circles, super-low seat height and superior SpiderTrac suspension.

But what you need is a great power chair that’s available for your client NOW. On that, Active Healthcare can deliver.

We stock product locally so we can get it to you fast. We also provide full service, customisation and support.

Why choose Quickie: 

  • Responsive and maneuverable true mid-wheel drive
  • Ultra-small turning circle
  • Super-low seat height
  • SpiderTrac suspension for superior comfort over any terrain
  • Our range of JAY clinical seating products means we provide a full solution – cushions, backrests, head arrays, electronics


Active Healthcare offers:

  • Full service and support on all power chair trials and orders
  • Easy delivery and set up
  • Customisation to ensure the right fit for your client


But most importantly, we stock product locally, meaning you can get what you need fast!

Full Service and Support

Stocked Locally

Easy Delivery and Set Up

Fully Customisable

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