Litoo Shower in Bed System


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Litoo Shower in Bed System

The Litoo Shower in Bed System is personal hygiene at its most portable. The self-contained and mobile shower system is designed for individuals who are confined to bed.

The fully contained mobile showering unit and easy drain waterproof bed sheet allow clean, efficient, comfortable showering – no matter how immobile the individual. Providing hygiene, comfort and safety for bed bound individuals.

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Features & Benefits

The Litoo provides hygiene, comfort and safety for bed bound individuals in just a few steps;

  1. Fill water container
  2. Lay double-width towel over mattress
  3. Fit waterproof sheet under the patient
  4. Position water vacuum hose
  5. Shower patient in bed
  6. Dry patient and remove sheet
  7. Drain tanks
  8. Start automatic disinfection.


Features of the Litoo include; 

  • Hygiene, comfort and safety for bed bound individuals
  • Battery powered
  • Very lightweight: 18kg with battery
  • Reduced dimensions mean it can be transported in the boot of a car
  • Wash and disinfection of the complete circuit of waste water
  • Generous water flow and powerful drainage pump
  • Easy clean unit coated in ABS PMMA
  • Separate circuits for fresh and waste water



  • Aluminium frame
  • Covers in ABS PMMA
  • x2 Ø150mm wheels & x2 Ø65mm wheels
  • Fresh and waste water tanks in PEHD
  • 24V shower pump
  • 24V drainage/disinfection pump
  • Simultaneous pump function
  • Chromed shower handset with removable head
  • Silicone autoclave piping
  • Towel rack
  • On/Off waterproof controls
  • Water levels waterproof indicator lights
  • Battery and disinfectant tank access panel
  • 24V 2000mAh Nimh battery with protection fuse
  • 230V/24Vdc battery loader
  • Water temperature display



  • Total weight: 18kg battery included
  • Fresh water tank capacity: 22 litres
  • Water volume for shower: 17 litres
  • Water volume of reserve: 6.5 litres
  • Shower running time: 4 min 35s
  • Waste water tank capacity: 22 litres
  • Number of complete cycles including: shower + suction + disinfection for a fully charged battery: 5
  • Battery recharging time: 4h max.
  • Acoustics: 50 dbA (shower) 58dbA (suction/disinfection)



  • 13% PES – 87% PVC – 400gr/m²
  • Fire standard: ISO14116: Index1



  • 93/42/CEE Classe I Medical Device
  • IPX4 – Class 1 – CEI 60601-1- CEI 60601-1-11



  • x1 Shower sheet for bed – 90cm
  • x1 White Bath towel 158x220cm 100% cotton 400gr/m²
  • Four fasteners


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