Alova XXL Multiple Support Mattress



Alova XXL Multiple Support Mattress

The Alova XXL Multiple Support Mattress is a three section mattress made from unique Alova material in a bariatric size. The mattress is divided into three support density zones for complete support over the whole body.

Features & Benefits

Alova is a moulded tri-dimensional polymer composed of water expanded particles, without CFC gases, and is odourless and safe for the environment.

Alova memory foam has a quicker reaction time and retains viscosity and support over a wider temperature range that oil based foams.

Three different support surfaces – medium for head, firm for sacral area and soft for the feet

Moulded foam sections provide longevity as they do not lose support like cut foams

Promust PU HD Cover

Risk category Moderate risk bed sore patient
Size options 196cm x 119cm x 17cm
  198cm x 137cm x 17cm
User weight 135-270 kg
Additional Information
Product Options

0402-0210: 196cm x 119cm x 17cm, 0402-0211: 198cm x 137cm x 17cm

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