Action Positioning Pads



Action Positioning Pads

Action Positioning Pads provide stability and support when positioning patients. Unique Akton® polymer gel provides pressure relief and shear reduction in an easy to use positioning product.  Available in small, large and extra long, or in dome or trapezoid shapes.

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Features & Benefits

Action positioning pads use Akton® viscoelastic polymer for pressure sore prevention which;

  • Redistributes weight
  • Redistributes heat
  • Will not leak, flow or bottom out
  • Never requires kneading, pumping or inflating of any kind
  • Is easy to use, clean and maintain


Small, Large & Extra Long Positioners: beneficial for tracheotomy, thyroidectomy, tonsil and adenoid cases, cataract or other ophthalmic procedures.

Dome Shaped Positioner: Semi-circular design with flat bottom configuration provides pressure protection under the knees while the patient is in a supine position. Also prevents foot drop for patients in prone position. Can be used under the metatarsal or under the foot, against the board, or in the semi-fowlers position.

Trapezoid Positioner: The primary function of this pad is for surgical procedures in which the patient must have clear leg separation. It may also be used as a stabilizing positioner or to prevent foot drop.


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0403-0801: Action Positioning Pad Large 40.6Cm X 11.4Cm X 5Cm, 0403-0802: Action Positioning Pad Extra Long 46Cm X 10Cm X 5Cm, 0403-0810: Action Positioning Pad Trapezoid 25.4Cm X 17.8Cm X 9Cm, 0403-0819: Action Positioning Pad Small 25.4Cm X 11.4Cm X 5Cm, 0403-0820: Action Positioning Pad Dome 36Cm X 15Cm X 7.6Cm

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