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LINET Multicare X ICU Bed


LINET’s premium ICU bed Multicare X is the world leading in ICU bed technology. With unique frame-based lateral tilt, move your patients with ease. Accompanied by Opticare X, innovative constant low pressure supporting surface mattress, patients are kept steady and comfortable while receiving pressure care.

Boasting 95% Satisfaction from field test results in a 2021 user results and the new Opticare X Prone Mode, this bed really does have it all. Focusing on both patient and caregiver outcomes, this bed has safe patient moving and handling in mind. The frame-based tilt makes it easier and safer for hospital teams to provide daily cares and reduces physcial strain when performing these demanding tasks.

Motorised on a 5 wheel system that is controlled by LINET’s amazing i-Drive Power controller, that also doubles as IV poles. Ergonomics have been built into every aspect of this bed, simplifying the functions and braking system makes it easy for anyone to use. Reducing administration tasks and ensuring patients can be in sight with unique positional functions to enhance hospital operations efficiency.



Outer Dimensions (side rails up) 1030 x 2150mm
Mattress Platform Extension 220mm
Recommended Mattress Size* 860 x 2080 x 140mm
Max. Mattress Height 230mm
Bed Height 440- 820mm
Max. Backrest Angle 70°
Max. Thigh Rest Angle 30°
Lateral Tilt +30°/-30°
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg Position +13°/-16°
Height of Side Rails (above mattress platform) 450mm
Weight (basic equipment) 250kg
Safe Working Load 250kg

* Mattress dimensions can range between 2000 – 2170 x 860 – 960mm

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