Auckland DHB Ward 51

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Auckland DHB Ward 51

Auckland District Health Board chose state-of-the-art equipment to accelerate patient recovery, and help create spaces to improve the physical and mental health of patients.

Guldmann Ceiling hoists were chosen for their superior clinical functionality, ease of use, reliability, notably low cost of ownership and comfort. Guldmann ceiling hoist systems are world renowned for their ergonomically correct control units that are comfortable and intuitive to use. The hoist motor unit chosen for all rooms was the GH3.

Designed by world renown Danish architectural firm C.F. Moller the GH3 was selected by an international jury amongst 3231 products from 49 countries for the prestigious Red Dot Design competition award. Products are selected by criteria such as degree of innovation, functionality and quality in appearance. The prize was awarded with the following observations from the panel of judges: “With the GH3, the developers manage to create a ceiling hoist system that would blend harmoniously into the surrounding architecture and not look like a technical device. The GH3 is therefore characterized by a simple, elegant design that communicates high value and functionality. Developed for versatile application and different work processes, it can be used in all lifting and transfer situations and includes features such as automatically recharging batteries, low rolling resistance and intuitive hand controls.”

Our ability to efficiently service Auckland District Health Board is the extensive experience of Active Healthcare in the New Zealand healthcare sector and Guldmann in global ceiling hoist development and manufacture, which delivers over 40 year’s combined experience in ceiling hoist and hospital delivery.