Neos 150 Portable Folding Hoist


The Neos 150, from leading healthcare supplier Allegro, is a portable folding aluminium lifter designed for convenient storage and transfer. Offering versatility as well as utility in every healthcare environment, a popular option for long lasting transfer technology.

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Safe Working Load: 150kg
Base Length: 1290mm
External Base Width Clodes: 615mm
External Base Width Open: 965mm
Internal Base Width Clodes: 550mm
Internal Base Width Open: 890mm
Base Width Adjustment: Manual
Under Bed Clearance: 135mm
Minimum Height Yoke: 410mm
Maximum hieght Yoke: 1650mm
Average Lift Range: 1240mm
Lift Weight: 35kg
Minimum Storage Height: 1370mm
Under Base Height: 72mm
Maximum Hoist Reach: 880mm
Minimum Hoist Reach: 440mm
Hoist Reach at Maximum Height: 450mm



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