Curocell IQ

Individualised Care with Curocell IQ

The new CuroCell® IQ features simplicity at its best. The system identifies the user and automatically adapts itself to the individual, thereby allowing better care for the user as well as an easier work load for caregivers. This makes CuroCell® IQ a beneficial investment for care units around the world.

Clinical studies prove benefits of the Pulsating mode

Increased comfort

The CuroCell® IQ control unit is pre-set to our newly developed Pulsating mode, which offers a documented high level of comfort and effective pressure relief. Sleep, in combination with a calm and quiet environment are key factors in recovery and increased well-being. This is why CuroCell® IQ is developed to offer extremely low noise- and vibration levels.

The function Air Flow ControlTM allows the mattress to reuse the air inside it. The feature provides a constant temperature in the mattress as well as quiet, calm and stable airflows.

Reliable solution

With the CuroCell® IQ we offer a truly automatic system, and a new level of safety and efficiency. The control unit is equipped with active sensors, prepared to continuously react to body position changes, without the need of any manual settings or adjustments. Always offering an effective solution for each individual in every situation, the CuroCell® IQ means less handling for staff and increased safety for the user. This is what we mean by Individualised care.

Pressure redistribution and pain therapy

CuroCell® IQ Cirrus is used as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers/pressure injuries up to and including category 4, and unclassified pressure ulcer, and for pain therapy. It is a replacement system ideal for all healthcare environments.