More time to care with Guldmann

Guldmann hoist systems

Guldmann is the expert in providing safe, comfortable and efficient ways to lift, move and position people in a wide range of different environments.

Our prime objective is to make sure that carers get more time to provide all-important personal care.

Guldmann systems achieve this by enabling all lifting and moving to be as streamlined and efficient as possible at every single stage and in all care environments. With the lifting equipment out of the way on the ceiling or wall, you keep the floor space uncluttered making it much easier, quicker and safer to get around.

Ceiling and wall mounted hoist systems can be installed in virtually any indoor space and reach anywhere in any room. Furniture and floor coverings are never an issue in the design of the system.

Save time: everything you need for effective lifting and moving is always in place, charged and ready to use as soon as it’s needed. The result – more time for the care that really counts.

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Guldmann ceiling hoist systems are world-renowned for:

  • Reliability – with built in power sources and rapid, effective recharging
  • Low cost of ownership – notably low operating costs, maintenance expenditure and energy consumption
  • Comfort – smooth starts and stops as well as near silent gliding movement
  • Responsiveness – always-on availability, prompt reaction times and dual-speed features
  • Safety – sophisticated built-in safety systems, including emergency stop and lowering
  • Ease of use – ergonomically correct control units that are comfortable and intuitive to use

Reaching new heights

Mounting lifting modules in a rail on the ceiling or wall brings a new dimension to the carers working environment, with documented reductions in stress, strain and injury as well as a big difference in job satisfaction. Ceiling and wall mounted systems allow care staff to deal with most handling and lifting tasks on their own.

Ceiling and wall mounted lifting modules make heavy lifting much easier;

  • The lifting equipment is always in place, ready to use immediately
  • Much greater lifting height
  • Greater freedom of movement and fewer weight limitations

And if you’re the user, you’ll feel more comfortable and safe throughout.

Active Healthcare is proud to offer Guldmann systems exclusively in New Zealand and we have the experience to back it up. We’ve been supplying and installing ceiling hoist and track systems for more than 20 years, making us one of the most experienced suppliers of ceiling hoist systems in New Zealand.