Human Care Convertible Chair


Human Care’s Convertible Chair is a no-lifting multi-functional device that helps caregivers to more efficiently and effectively perform their safe patient handling practices such as transfers, repositioning, transport and early mobilization of patients that may help to reduce the patient length of stay, improve patient satisfaction, safety and dignity, and reduce work-related injuries.

I-400 Chair 

  • Seat Width: 53 cm
  • Overall width: 76cm 
  • Overall length: Prone: 184-199cm, wheelchair: 115-159cm 
  • Overall height: Pone: 70cm, wheelchair: 130cm-142cm 
  • Maximum user weight: 181kg

I-700 Chair 

  • Seat Width: 65cm
  • Overall width: 89cm 
  • Overall length: Prone: 180-199cm, wheelchair: 115-159cm 
  • Overall height: Prone: 70cm, wheelchair: 130cm-142cm 
  • Maximum user weight: 318kg