ActivLift 180 (Minilift) Sit-To-Stand Lifter


The ActivLift 180 Sit-To-Stand Lifter (also known as the Minilift) works to a 180 kg safe working load. This mobile lifer has been developed to assist the user when rising from a sitting to a standing position, as gently as possible. When the ActivLift 180 is combined with appropriate lifting accessories the user gets support under the feet, for the front of the lower legs and behind the back, which provides for a safe and secure, yet active sit-to-stand procedure.


Safe working load (SWL) 180 kg
Recommended user height 1400-2000mm
User length, min-max 1400-2000 mm / 55.1-78.7”
Material Powder-coated steel
Height 91cm
Length 84cm
Width with open legs (inside) 84 cm
Width with closed legs (outside) 52cm
Width with clodes legs (inside) 43cm
Base widening Electrical/Powered
Height of footplate, for user 95 mm
Width of footplate 40cm x 35cm deep
Width of knee pad 45cm
Castor size, diameter 7.5 cm
Lifting speed, without load 35 mm / 1.4” per sec
Emergency lowering Manual and electrical


Suitable for use with our SuperSling Bliss Band SlingSuperSling Stand Fast Sling and the SuperSling MiniLift Seat Support Sling