Elma Smart Detection


Elma™ Smart Detection provides peace of mind, privacy and enhanced patient monitoring in a non-wearable sensing system

Providing patient safety in one device: for movement, fall prevention, activity, breathing and burglar alarm.

Once installed in the corner of a room, the Elma™ sensor indicates presence of a person in a room, detects and logs movement with highly unobtrusive way: no cameras needed. Elma™ enables efficient fall detection and prevention. The user interface includes long-term activity diagrams and alarm history: the diagrams reveal crucial changes in behaviour that results from altering medication, and other routine changes that could otherwise go unnoticed.

Elma™ Smart Detection ”All-in-One”:

  • Following real-time activity in the space
  • Fall prevention and detection
  • Behaviour analyses and records
  • Alarm system for accidents
  • Breathing detection and alarm system
  • Non-invasive – no cameras or wearables needed, allow your residents privacy and safety

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