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HoverMatt T-Burg


The HoverMatt T-Burg provides air-transfer technology like no other providing a solution for both patient stablisation and transfer. Designed as two products in one, the T-Burg is your complete positioning aid to eliminate any patient movement on the operating table. When inflated, the T-Burg works to gently and safely move patients like a standard HoverMatt –  removing any manual handling. The ultimate solution to all operating environments requiring safe patient positioning and transfer.

During Surgery

  • Prevents unwanted patient movement in steep Trendelenburg
  • Efficiently attaches to the OR Table in < 60 seconds
  • Safe & Efficient patient air-transfer technology in the OR
  • Breathable HoldFast fabric supports a microclimate that contributes to skin integrity while remaining under the patient for their entire stay

After Surgery

  • Gentler on the patient
  • No unnecessary patient movement compared to other stabilization pads
  • No patient “log rolling” required after surgery to move from the OR table to PACU
  • No pad or chux required after surgery
Material Specs Sewn construction
Material Top: Breathable open celled elastomeric foam
Material Bottom: High MVTR Nylon twill
  Latex Free
  This is a disposable product, a single patient use device and should not be laundered.
Width: 86 cm
Length: 114 cm
Weight Limit: Enquire


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