HoverMatt’s Benefit Southern DHB Patients And Staff

Southland Hospital staff have recently received training on the use of HoverMatt’s – our range of air assisted devices to help move patients safely and more comfortably.

Southland Hospital Safe Moving and Handling Co-ordinator, Joanne Morton says the HoverMatt project has been running for nearly three years, and with the support of the Health and Safety team, it has finally come to fruition.

Southland Hospital, Dunedin Hospital and Lakes District all have sufficient numbers of HoverTech Air Supplies and reusable HoverMatt’s available,  and accessible to all staff.

This technology uses air forced through the Air Supply into a HoverMatt, which cushions and supports the patient when being moved it is particularly effective for lateral transfers.

This product reduces the weight of the patient up to 90%, reduced the risk of staff suffering musculoskeletal injures as a result of moving patients.  It also means patients have a reduced risk of injury or discomfort from being moved. It also reduces risk of pressure injuries to patients and means fewer staff required for moving and handling.

There are two types of HoverMatt’s available, reusable HoverMatt’s and single patient use HoverMatt’s.  The devices can support a weight of up to 544 kg or 1200 pounds.

A considerable amount of training has been undertaken by our National Product Manger, Fletcher Suckling, and Southern DHB trainers in each area where the gear is located, so staff feel safe and confident to use it.

The Moving and Handling Trainers are fully trained in the use of the HoverTech system, and can train any staff wanting to know about this technology.

Pictured: Registered Nurse, Aurora Alvarez and Fletcher Suckling and “patient” Registered Nurse, Emma Smith, with one of the reusable HoverMatt’s during training at Southland Hospital.