Enabling Every Body: Guldmann Twin Lifting

In recent years, New Zealand has faced the dual challenge of a healthcare staff shortage and an obesity epidemic, ranking as the 3rd most overweight country in the OECD. As New Zealand’s leading ceiling hoist installer and provider, it is critical that we continue to provide innovative care solutions. One such solution is the Guldmann Twin Lifting System, a revolutionary bariatric ceiling hoist system that offers a multitude of benefits for both patients and caregivers.

Enhanced Patient Care: Enabling Every Body
Guldmann has always made slings and ceiling hoists for every body and everybody. You can lift up to 500kg with Guldmann Twin Lifting System – a safe and efficient method for transferring and lifting bariatric patients. Watch the video above to see how a patient can easily be transferred by just two caregivers from bed to chair.

The shortage of healthcare staff means we need smart solutions that alleviate the physical demands on caregivers. The Guldmann Twin Lifting System’s is easy to use and minimises any patient contact or handling. By automating the lifting process, staff members can redirect their focus towards providing attentive and compassionate care. These hoist systems can be installed in rooms with more than one patient bed, or in an ensuite specifically designed bariatric room. This means you can tailor your cared to the individuals you see and manage accordingly.

Report on how many lifts are made in a day 
Guldmann systems provide data-driven insights and continuous improvement in healthcare settings. With the Guldmann CLM Online feature, healthcare providers gain access to a powerful monitoring and analysis tool. This online platform enables the observation of trends and lifts. Simply adding your ceiling hoists to the system and then tracking their useage via an online portal.  By leveraging the valuable data collected by the CLM system, healthcare facilities can make informed decisions, streamline operations, and ensure the best possible care outcomes for their patients. You can see if the hoists are being used and where they are being used the most.

The intersection of the healthcare staff shortage and the obesity epidemic requires proactive measures to ensure quality care delivery. By investing in solutions like the Guldmann Twin Lifting System, we can help to enable every body with better care. Let us embrace innovation and embrace a healthier future for all New Zealanders.