Golden Comforter Wide Lift Recliner


“One size does not fit all” which is why the Comforter Wide Series has wider seating areas and greater lifting capacities . The Comforter Wide uses two heavy-duty motors for strength and support, without sacrificing the plush style you expect.

Whether you are 162cm tall or 203cm tall, there is an option for every user in this range. the unique benefit being the seat depth and also the height that extends to those who are tall.

Making this the ideal lift recline chair for every shape and size.

Large Tall Wide
SWL 226kg 226kg 317kg
Width btwn arms 69.85 74.93 83.82 cm
Seat depth 57.15 60.96 55.88 cm
Floor to top of seat 52.07 57.15 53.34 cm
Seat to top of back 72.39 76.2 73.66 cm
Overall width 96.774 104.14 114.3 cm
Overall height 111.76 121.92 119.38 cm
Distance required from wall 45.72 48.26 50.8 cm
User height (suggested) 180 – 190 cm 190 – 203.2 cm 162.56 – 180 cm