Stamina Lift TS6000 Bariatric Bed Mover

Reduce healthcare workplace injuries with the new Staminalift TS6000 Bariatric Transfer System, which only requires a single operator, and offers proven technology to prevent work related injury by reducing the effort required to move bariatric hospital beds.

The TS6000 Bariatric Transfer System is the result of extensive research, development and field testing. It has been specifically designed to overcome the need to use 4-6 people to safely perform a bariatric bed shift. (where long corridors and/or ramps are involved).

Technical Specifications:

Max load capacity 450 kg lift and 900 kg push or pull993 lbs lift and 1985 lbs push or pull
Weight 200 kg/441 lbs
Dimensions(L x W x H) In Use: 820mm x 900mm x 1225mm – (33in. x 36in. x 48in.)Packaged:  850mm x 940mm x 480mm – (34 in. x 37 in. x 19 in.)
Batteries Sealed maintenance free GEL batteries.
Recharge Nightly recharge recommended using supplied automatic charger
Warning device Horn (warning device) on control unit
Security Electronic locking function available, refer to operators manual
Wheels Non-marking, suitable for indoor use on a variety of surfaces
Controls Programmable, ergonomic joystick for control of direction, speed and jaw movemen
Safety features Automatic brakes / Emergency shut-down buttonEmergency Jaw release – allows override of lowering mechanism Emergency Brake release – allows override of brake mechanism Safety features to prevent unauthorized use
Motor Two variable drive DC electric motors
Servicing Semi-Annual