Graciella Gynaecological Examination Chair

Preventive examination is one of the most frequent procedures carried out at gynaecology clinics. The Graciella® gynaecological examination chair enables the physician to work with patients ergonomically, and its functional design elements are adjusted to increase the patient’s comfort and safety.

Graciella has been designed with attention to detail, taking into consideration the time-consuming work of gynaecologists. Basic examination, including ultrasound, can be done ergonomically in one place. The unique two column design enables easy positioning of the chair and increases the patient’s trust before and during the examination.

Download the Graciella Gynaecological Examination Chair Brochure.

 Maximum chair length (without leg rests)  1,316 ± 10 mm
 Maximum chair length (with leg supports)  1,750 ± 10 mm
 Overall width (across leg supports)  760 ± 5 mm
 Upholstery width (max.)  622 ± 5 mm
 Upholstery thickness  30 ± 2 mm
 Height of the seat of the chair — in sitting position  628 ± 5 mm
 Maximum height of the seat of the chair (front edge)  1,050 ± 5 mm
 Adjustment angle of the backrest part to seat part  0°±2° / +40° ±2°
 Adjustment angle of the seat part  0°±2° / +20° ±2°
 Trendelenburg position  -12°±1°
 Footstep above ground min.  326 ± 10 mm
 Patient load  180 kg
 Maximum chair load  190 kg
 Permissible leg support load  32 kg
 Chair weight (depending on configuration)  95–105 kg