PURA Day Surgery Chair

The Pura is a fully equipped chair for day surgery, diagnostic procedures, comfortable for dialysis, oncology treatment or blood donation.

Patient care can be revolutionized by adjusting processes of patient-handling, in order to treat patients efficiently and cost effective without any compromises for the patient and care givers. Finding ways to add additional procedures is a measurement of success. We understand this importance so we design our one day care products in such way that it improves the patient flow with advanced innovations.

Download the PURA Day Surgery Chair Brochure.


 Length  Total rest area  2 123 mm
 Width  Seat section  590 mm
 Height (castors 100 mm)  MAX. – rest area to seat section  934 mm
 Height (castors 150 mm)  MAX. – rest area to seat section  970 mm
 Castor  Castor diameter / brake  100 mm / individually braked
 Castor diameter / brake  150 mm / central brake
 Adjustment angles  Back section  70°
 Armrest – vertical  + 42° / − 8.5°
 Armrest – horizontal  360°
 Electrical parameters  Protection against water and dust  IPX4
 Device protection class  I.
 Classification of applied parts  B
 Batteries back up voltage  24 V / 1.2 Ah
 Voltage – input  100–240 V
 Trendelenburg position (TR)  12°
 Safe Working load  205 kg
 Maximum patient weight  190 kg