Golden MaxiComfort Lift Recliner


The Golden MaxiComfort Lift Recliner features patented MaxiComfort recline technology for correct spinal alignment, back pressure relief and improved circulation.

The world’s only two motor power lift and recline chair with Golden’s adjustable active seat option. Dual motors allow the back recline and leg rest operate independently, allowing for maximum comfort.

Petite Medium Large
Weight Capacity 136kg 170kg 170kg
Seat To 63.5cm 68.58cm 72.39cm
Distance Required 55.88cm 60.96cm 68.58cm
From Wall 55.88cm 60.96cm 69.58cm
Width Between 48.26cm 53.34cm 58.42cm
Seat Depth 46.99cm 53.34cm 55.88cm
Floor To 45.72cm 49.50cm 52.07cm
Overall Height 99.06cm 106.68cm 111.76cm
Overall Width 77.47cm 82.55cm 87.63cm
User Height 152.4cm (and under) 164.6-155.4cm 155.8-188.9cm