EasyLift Lifting Platform



EasyLift is a simple lifting platform designed to give wheelchair users and people with waling impairments free access between two levels. EasyLift is designed with the focus on straight lines and flat surfaces, combining problem-free elegance with robust construction.

EasyLift is a flexible solution for indoor and outdoor use. It ensures access to areas with a difference in height of up 1.25 metres. Whether a small flight of steps or difference in level, EasyLift ensures problem-free, fast and comfortable access.

Model: EasyLift V3 PLUS
Platform size:
Internal dimensions: W 800/900/1100 mm x L 1400 mm
External dimensions 800/900 PLUS: W 960/1060 mm x L 1750 mm
External dimensions 1100 PLUS: W 1260 mm x L 1820 mm
Lifting capacity:
400 kg / 2 pers
Lifting height: 70 – 1250 mm
Lifting speed: Approx. 40 mm/sec.
Duty cycle: 2 min. operation every 5 min
Pit Depth: 70 mm
Weight: 200-250 kg
Power: 110 – 240 V/50 Hz (1.1 A) Max: 90 W, Standby < 6 W
Approval: CE marking 2006/42/EC (Machinery Directive)