Allegro General Purpose Pivot Sling (with head support)


Allegro pivot slings are designed to be simple and safe to use both for home and clinical settings to enable patient lifting. This pivot sling is perfect for the pivot frame attachment in a mobile patient lifter, providing a sling that can be used at home or in any care environment. Select from your choice of fabric or mesh.

  • Comfortable, supportive sling with easily defined attachment points.
  • Recommended for general lifting especially for the larger patient
  • Angle adjustment via Pivot Frame
  • Six sizes in fabric or mesh suitable for bathing

SWL 320kg

Ask us about the six different size options or select from the menu below.



product code: 0253-0047 Pivot Fabric – XS 0253-0048 Pivot Fabric – S 0253-0049 Pivot Fabric – M 0253-0050 Pivot Fabric – L 0253-0051 Pivot Fabric – Xl 0253-0052 Pivot Fabric – XXL 0253-0053 Pivot Mesh – XS 0253-0054: Pivot HS Mesh – S 0253-0055 Pivot HS Mesh – M 0253-0056 Pivot HS Mesh – L 0253-0057 Pivot HS Mesh – XL 0253-0058 Pivot HS Mesh – XXL category: tags: , , , , , , ,