Guldmann Active Micro Plus Sling


The Guldmann Active Micro Plus sling is suitable for lifting people with head control, but reduced upper body strength. Perfect for situations where the sling needs to be put on and taken off easily, lifting to and from seated positions, lifting to and from a half-lying position and where toileting and hygiene access is required.


Guidelines on choosing the size of a sling


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Sizing guide

  User Height User Width
Kids 4-6 45-60cm 25-30cm
Kids 6-10 55-70cm 28-35cm
Kids 10-14 68-80cm 33-38cm
XS 75-82cm 33-37cm
S 80-87cm 36-40cm
M 85-92cm 39-43cm
L 90-97cm 42-45cm
XL 95-102cm 45-49cm
XXL 95-102cm 48-52cm
3XL 95-102cm 54-58cm


Max lifting capacity for all slings 255kg