PVC Seat Sling


The PVC Seat Sling is your go-to pool and bath transfer sling. Made from PVC, the plastic seat is ideal for wet environments with frequent transfers. The seat can take a SWL of 225kg while remaining flexible and strong for transfers.

Easily fits onto a wheelchair, and with built in water drainage, the sling is purpose built for easy use and maintenance. OT’s can transfer with ease while maintaining user comfort in a slight recline chair.

Sufficient cut-outs for water drainage
. Assumes the form of the bath
. Reinforced seating surface and backrest
. Adjustable loop length

Sling body – Wash at 85°C
Sling body – Tumble dry low heat (max 50°C)
Noodles – Wipe clean with a damp cloth


(Shoulder Circumference) 
(Top of Head to Back of Knee)
XSmall 76 – 86cm 100 – 109cm
Small 86 – 96cm 109 – 118cm
Medium 96 – 108cm 118 – 127cm
Large 108 – 130cm 127 – 136cm