Pool Hoist at Aberdeen School

Location: Aberdeen School, Hamilton

Join in the fun!

Our Product Specialist Carol Boyle recently installed a pool hoist system at Aberdeen School pool, where Ministry of Education Occupational Therapists can now utilise to provide water therapy to students.

“It’s so important to have the pool hoist, it means the student is able to get in the pool with his peers, to be included and part of the class, not just watching them from the outside,” said the OT to Carol Boyle.

As pictured in these photos the seven year old student loved the experience of being able to join in the fun, “his older siblings have all been to school and enjoyed swimming, he loves being in the water and wants to be like his siblings but he’s been at school for two years and hasn’t been able to get in the pool until now.” – OT.

The Handimove pool hoist system is very easy to use, as simple as rolling it up to the side of the pool and lowering the user into the pool. This saves on the need for a system over the pool, saving time and investment. Reach out to us today to discuss the pool hoist system.

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