Human Care Convertible Chair


Humancare I-400

Human Care Convertible Chair

Human Care’s Convertible Chair is a no-lifting multi-functional device that helps caregivers to more efficiently and effectively perform their safe patient handling practices such as transfers, repositioning, transport and early mobilization of patients that may help to reduce the patient length of stay, improve patient satisfaction, safety and dignity, and reduce work-related injuries.

Features & Benefits

Effective and safe early mobilization with the Human Care Convertible Chair

  • Enables the lateral transfer of a patient in a supine position
  • Caregivers can use existing SPH transfer techniques or the patented, No-lift Patient Transfer System
  • Safe and easy lateral transfer builds confidence in both the patient and their family members to drive compliance
  • Caregiver can easily and frequently reposition a patient to increase tolerance for long-term seating with recline or tilt-in-space function
  • Portability of Chair allows for usage in multiple rooms in a department


Clinical benefits for the patient: 

Faster recovery

  • The ability to get the patient out of bed faster can reduce the length of stay in both higher acuity departments and the overall length of stay in the hospital.


Safe and effective transport

  • The ability to use a Convertible Chair improves safety while eliminating unnecessary transfers and allows for transport to physical therapy
    and other ancillary services.


Patient satisfaction

  • Not every patient can be lifted. Some patients have pressure injuries, pain or are simply afraid of being lifted. The Convertible Chair is a nonlifting alternative that will create the best transfer possible for these patient groups.


Benefits for the caregiver: 

Simplifies job conditions

  • The Convertible Chair makes your job easier by enhancing the quality of care provided and reducing recovery time. It improves the patient experience and confidence to the patient and family members to facilitate early mobilization and rehabilitation.


Efficient and easy to use

  • Once transferred to the Convertible Chair a patient can easily be repositioned by simply using all the unlimited number of tilting options.


Injury prevention – driving force for SPH initiatives.

  • For the caregiver, being able to easily and safely transfer a patient with a lateral transfer system such as a HoverMatt, not only drives Safe Patient Handling initiatives, but also protects them from injuries related to repositioning and transferring of patients.


There are two sizes available –  I-400 and  I-700 



I-400 Chair 

  • Seat Width: 53 cm
  • Overall width: 76cm 
  • Overall length: Prone: 184-199cm, wheelchair: 115-159cm 
  • Overall height: Pone: 70cm, wheelchair: 130cm-142cm 
  • Maximum user weight: 181kg

I-700 Chair 

  • Seat Width: 65cm
  • Overall width: 89cm 
  • Overall length: Prone: 180-199cm, wheelchair: 115-159cm 
  • Overall height: Prone: 70cm, wheelchair: 130cm-142cm 
  • Maximum user weight: 318kg



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0103-2700 – Human Care The Convertible Chair I-400, 0103-2701- Human Care The Convertible Chair I-700

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