St Allisa Wins Hoist

In October we made an exciting visit to the team at St Allisa Retirement Village in Christchurch. We delivered the grand prize from the NZ Aged Care Association Conference; a Guldmann GL5 Mobile Patient Lifter from Active Healthcare.

Pat Jermyn, Nurse Manager at St Allisa received the prize and said that it will really help get their people moving and support staff with their work. “Often people don’t realise how much it takes to support residents to move and Active Healthcare products mean they can do this easily” said Pat.

A training session in how to use the new hoist was held with the St Allisa team who were interested in the function of the GL5 and in particular, the ability to manually lower a resident should the battery be left to run flat.

The St Allisa staff had a go hoisting one another. After being hoisted, one of the St Allisa team suggested that all carers should have a turn being hoisted, as she was surprised how vulnerable she felt when she was no longer the one in control.

It’s a good lesson for us all. Something we do every day and see as completely safe and routine can actually be quite intimidating for others. A reality check and possibly a good team / trust building exercise to try in your workplace?

We’d love to hear how you get on. Feel free to send us your photos!