No Slowing Down for Race Horse Fan

Blenheim race horse enthusiast John Gould loves his new power chair. He’s been a wheelchair user for 39 years and confidently says ‘it’s the best one I’ve had’.

John puts his power chairs through their paces and as a race horse owner he likes to get out on the land. He’s chosen Quickie power chairs for more than 20 years, enjoying the speed and manoeuvrability of the brand, but when his Quickie P200 was discontinued, he was sceptical an alternative could be found.

John trialed the Quickie QM-710 with Active Healthcare and was pleasantly surprised to find it a more-than-suitable replacement for his ‘super-chair’. In fact, John absolutely loved it. During the trial the QM-710 went everywhere he wanted it to – outside, up hills, through the mud and to the horses. The best chair John says he has come across in his 39 years of experience.

Supporting your clients to transition from discontinued chairs can be a challenge, as we know familiarity is always the preference. It’s reassuring to know that Quickie continues to improve on previous models, providing stylish, functional and robust power chairs that deliver for your clients.

We’re thrilled to see John with a solution that’s working so well and most importantly, enabling him to keep active and enjoy the lifestyle he loves.

The Quickie QM-710 offers a high-performing, reliable and stylish mid-wheel drive power solution for active users like John, who require indoor manoeuvrability balanced with outdoor use. Features like SpiderTrac 2.0 suspension, 4 pole motors, an intuitive mid-wheel drive base and PG Drives electronics provide superior ride comfort over any terrain.