Enhancing Quality of Life at Mary Doyle Lifecare

This month we visited Mary Doyle Lifecare in Havelock North to install a Guldmann Wall Rail Hoist system. The Mary Doyle team won the hoist in our draw at the Aged Care Association Conference.

Mary Doyle is one of Hawkes Bays’ most comprehensive villages offering a full range of living and care options. We enjoyed meeting the team and learning more about the unique level of care the dedicated staff provides. We spoke with Lisa, Care Manager and Registered Nurse.

Lisa explains that Mary Doyle has recently become part of the Arvida Group and focuses strongly on the well-being of residents while at the same time, aiming to remove the institutional feel of aged care. “The well-being of our residents is fundamental to Arvida’s philosophy”, says Lisa.

Lisa selected the Guldmann Wall Rail Hoist system to go into a resident’s room in Nimon House, a 23 bed hospital care unit providing nurse care 24/7. She chose this room as it’s a large space that can be tricky to cover and because the resident is going to be living in the room long-term, making wall rail an excellent way to future-proof the care provided.

“Just the freedom of not having a bulky floor lifter in this resident’s room will be amazing”

Guldmann Wall Rail is an economical room covering option that can be installed directly on all kinds of walls (no installation in the ceiling required). Installation is simple with very limited disruption. In fact, our team were in and out of the resident’s room in under an hour and the gentleman whose room we were working in popped in for a chat. We were able to show him what his new equipment could do while we installed the system.

When speaking with Lisa about how she envisages the wall rail system will support her team, she said the benefits are that it’s “right there ready to go” and there’s “no bar which gets in the way like there is with a floor lifter”. With the lifting equipment mounted out of the way with the wall rail system, the floor space is uncluttered making it safer and easier to get around.

Lisa says that “just the freedom of not having a bulky floor lifter in this resident’s room will be amazing”. Guldmann ceiling and wall rail systems provide much greater lifting height and greater freedom of movement for the person being lifted. And for the care staff at Mary Doyle, their new Guldmann system offers reduction in stress, strain and injury as well bringing a new level of job satisfaction through ease of use.

As part of our level of care at Active Healthcare, we not only deliver premium healthcare solutions to support mobility and safe patient handling, we also safely set equipment up and offer on-going support and education. We’re looking forward to running an in-service training session with the Mary Doyle team in order to supporting them to get the best out of their new wall rail system.

Guldmann Ceiling Hoist Systems are world-renowned for;


  • Reliability – with built-in power sources and rapid, effective recharging
  • Comfort – smooth starts and stops, as well as near-silent gliding movement
  • Low cost of ownership – notably low operating costs, maintenance expenditure and energy consumption
  • Responsiveness – always-on availability, prompt reaction times and dual-speed features
  • Safety – sophisticated built-in safety systems, including emergency stop and lowering
  • Ease of use – ergonomically corrected control units that are comfortable and intuitive to use


The result – benefits for everyone involved.

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