The future of Marketing at Active Healthcare

Active Healthcare has employed a new Marketing and Communications Manager, Sarah Crabb. Sarah joins Active Healthcare after working in marketing roles in healthcare and other industries for over 13 years. She recently graduated with her Master’s in Marketing with distinction, where the focus of her research was on emerging technologies in healthcare marketing.

“I saw the opportunity to join Active Healthcare and I was really interested in learning more about the company. The more I learned the more I was convinced,” says Sarah who started in December 2021. As well as being qualified for the role, Sarah brings a wide range of experience working for market-leading organisations. “The company values really stood out for me, and it was a natural fit,” says Sarah who is getting to know the team at Active Healthcare and confirms their values met her expectations.

Active Healthcare has always proactively utilized marketing to build both brand awareness and help grow product knowledge. Communicating with customers is vital and continuing to keep our customers informed requires an innovative approach to marketing communications. Sarah is particularly interested in digital marketing strategy and how to reach audiences through digital channels, as a result we are using both Facebook and LinkedIn more actively (Sarah say’s if you are reading this you should follow us on both!). Active Healthcare is excited to grow in this space to hopefully make life easier for our customers who are increasingly online.

As a team with the new skill of marketing onboard we are excited to achieve new things for Active Healthcare in 2022 as well as grow and develop on existing successful marketing initiatives. Our product offering is always increasing to meet demand and partnered with this is our onsite training opportunities. Sarah will work largely behind the scenes at Active Healthcare but will be the face and brains behind our communication efforts, such as our Living Active Newsletter. The team is looking forward to the changes and improvements that come with having a dedicated Marketing and Communications Manager.