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HoverMatt Half-Matt


The HoverMatt Half-Matt delivers the same effortless lateral transfers and positioning as the standard HoverMatt Air Transfer System, but in a shorter length. Specifically designed for use in the OR with specialty tables as well as in Labour and Delivery. The Half-Matt is available in both reusable and single-patient use models. The reusable Half-Matt with a double-coated finish is often preferred when excessive fluids make stain resistance a priority.

Single Patient Use Material Specs
Sewn construction Top: Non-woven polypropylene fibre
Bottom: Nylon fabric, water soluble perimeter thread (120°), Thread in sewn handles is not water soluble
Latex Free
Heat Sealed Material Specs
Heat-Sealed Construction RF welding in all seams
  Material: Nylon twill
Latex Free
Double Coated Material Specs
Nylon twill with silica polyurethane coating on patient side Seams: RF welding on all seams
Available Sizes


86cm W x 114cm L (34″), 99cm W x 114cm L (39″)
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