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Guldmann Disposable High II Sling


The Guldmann Disposable High II Sling is a general lifting sling suitable for a wide variety of users and lifting operations. The sling supports the entire body including the head making it ideal for lifting, moving and positioning users who have reduced control in their head, upper and lower body. It can be used from a seated or lying position, for example from a floor, bed or wheelchair. 

The Guldmann Disposable High II is intended for single-patient use only, and it must NOT be washed. The sling is ideal for situations in which a high level of hygiene is required, and where there is an elevated risk of contagion and infection. 

Download the Guldmann SPHM Disposable Slings brochure.


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  • Made of disposable polypropylene material.
  • Lifting capacity of up to 205 kg.
  • Supplied in a box of ten.
  • The sling can be used with all Guldmann ceiling hoists and mobile lifters.
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