Tom2 Cot Delivery

Location: Te Wao Nui Child Health Services, Wellington

Te Wao Nui Child Health Services Tom2 Cot Delivery.

The Tom 2 Paediatric Cot is unsurpassed in its ability to deliver care to precious young patients. Friendly teddy bear decals help to make the sleeping space feel more comforting for tamariki. The overall features of this stand-out cot allow caregivers, health workers and whanau to feel more reassured. Easy access sides drop down quickly, while the extremely safe wheel caster system means users can be transferred quickly with ease without having to be moved to a stretcher. There is no other cot that provides this standard of care available, and is quickly becoming the go-to option for paediatric care.

Please reach out to our team to request further information about our Tom 2 Cots from world leading bed manufacturer LINET.

See the supplier image below of the Tom 2 cot featuring a young child that demonstrates its use, decals are customisable.

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