Breathing and Respiratory Devices by Breathing and Medical

Introducing Breathing and Medical

Breathing and Medical, a brand of Active Healthcare, have a class-leading range of breathing and respiratory equipment available, including CPAP, Ventilators, Nebulisers, Oxygen concentrators, Anaesthesia airway management and more.

See the full range on Breathing and Medical’s website – www.breathingandmedical.co.nz.

Breathing and Medical Sleep Clinic

‘Breathe Better, Sleep Better’

Breathing and Medical also have an experienced team that provides full clinical sleep disorder services and treatment, including Obstructive Sleep Apnoea diagnostics and treatment.

The Breathing & Medical Sleep Services clinic offers a full range of diagnostic and clinical services to increase your quality of sleep, health, and life.

We are equipped with our telehealth technology and portable sleep diagnostic devices, there is no need for anyone to leave home!


Introducing Catherine Corble – Lead Physiologist

Cath trained and worked for 14 years with Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust as a Clinical Physiologist in the UK specializing in the fields of Respiratory and Sleep Science, advancing from student to senior and acting head.

Cath moved to NZ in 2005 with her husband and young children, taking up Lead Sleep Physiologist for Midcentral DHB whilst also working 1 day a week within the Respiratory Laboratory to keep current.

In 2009, Cath took over the fledgling Northland Respiratory and Sleep Service as sole practitioner which over the past 12 years has turned into a thriving service for the population of the Northland that she is proud to have been part of.

Cath has always been a champion for home based sleep services, developing a home based service in the UK before working with Midcentral to develop an Integrated DHB / PHO Sleep Service.

Cath is looking forward to working together with the team at Breathing and Medical in delivering this new home based service and continuing to share the wealth of knowledge she has gained through working with some amazing colleagues and friends over the years in the world of sleep and respiratory medicine.

The Process

Book a free phone call for initial assessment or take our online screening test.

If needed, undertake an overnight sleep study – in the comfort of your own bed! We will send the equipment to you and walk you through how to set it up.

Our medical team of physiologists and physicians will interpret the results and prescribe the best course of action.  This could be CPAP treatment for OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea), or as simple as sleep and lifestyle advice.