Meet Gus Thomas: relieving pressure at Active Healthcare

New National Product Manager, Gus Thomas has joined the Active Healthcare team to help take the latest innovations in pressure care to the market. The exciting new range of pressure care products from Care of Sweden has meant the need for a dedicated Product Manager. The intelligent CuroCell® technology invented by Care of Sweden has revolutionised pressure care internationally and providing this solution to the New Zealand market will be Gus’ main priority.

The CuroCell® IQ and Curocell® A4 pressure care mattresses are designed to work automatically to a patient’s needs, as it senses the patient and their movement and responds accordingly. Providing a constant temperature, extremely quiet operating, and pulsation mode with very subtle movement means better quality sleep, care and comfort for all users.

Gus is based out of Head Office in Highbrook, Auckland, and will be servicing all of New Zealand. Gus joins us from the construction industry with a sales focus and has always had a genuine interest in healthcare. “I find it rewarding helping people, and that is at the core of what Active Healthcare is all about,” says Gus, who is looking forward to making a difference in the industry.

“People who spend a lot of time in beds and wheelchairs, and as a result can’t move or don’t have feeling – that restriction of movement means their needs should be addressed early as pressure ulcers that develop can severely impact their lives,” explains Gus, who has been researching the Care of Sweden range. “There is nothing else like Care of Sweden available, and it’s important that people are aware of how these products can help.”

Pressure care mattress by Care of Sweden CX15Specialising in pressure care has meant that Gus is underway with product training to be informed in his role. Gus has enjoyed learning and plans to continue to stay ahead of innovations; “Pressure care products interest me and the Curocell IQ is going to make a big impact with its automation technology, removing the need for a lot of manual set up,” explains Gus.

The Active Healthcare team is looking forward to what Gus will achieve in his role. The priority is to grow the pressure care product range and grow awareness for its renowned technology to establish Active Healthcare as the leading supplier. “I am hopeful that I can contribute to the business and grow the market share,” says Gus who is confident the products will be well received for their vast benefits.

Gus has been enjoying the role so far and values the genuine care for others experienced at Active Healthcare. To learn more about pressure care or to make an appointment with Gus please reach out to Gus on: phone: 021 228 7731 or email: gus@activehealthcare.co.nz