Making a difference to pressure

Active Healthcare is committed to making a difference in healthcare by providing the future of pressure care. This comes in the form of Curocell® IQ mattress featuring revolutionary technology. The intelligent mattress is the only one of its kind as it cleverly identifies and responds to the individual – automating the care process. Silent and vibration-free, the airflow control feature provides a constant temperature for increased user comfort as well as energy reduction. All the while both treating and preventing pressure injuries up to (and including) category 4 as well as unclassified pressure ulcers.

The Curocell® IQ CX15 is a complete mattress system that adapts to patients in any and all care settings. This pressure re-distribution mattress consists of replaceable air cells that pulsate quietly. Combining intuitive care and automation, the mattress identifies the user and moves with them.  Existing mattresses rely on manual settings, and Care of Sweden wanted to solve this problem to enable more time to care, and they have delivered on this promise. Active Healthcare has been committed to providing solutions that relieve strain for healthcare workers, in the current demanding environment. Improving care and improving outcomes for all is core to what Active Healthcare is about.

Manufacturer Care of Sweden has partnered with Active Healthcare to bring their range of mattresses to the New Zealand market. Care of Sweden is known as a leading healthcare innovator (as part of MedTech) and they have improved sustainability for all their products. The Curocell® IQ CX15 is fitted with modern recyclable material and is vapour-permeable, designed to be sustainable while reducing skin shear. Hygiene is also critical and these mattresses are simple to clean, covered with a four-way stretch cover – meeting hygiene, quality, and safety standards.

Pressure care mattress by Care of Sweden CX15

Another key functionality is the digital technology that allows carers to quickly read the friendly interface and be alerted when necessary, using the appropriate noninvasive notifications. This mattress promotes better care for all, caregivers have more time, and users experience a better quality of life through higher levels of comfort. Active Healthcare is dedicated to making a difference in healthcare with these products.