Leading Solutions in Infection Prevention during COVID-19

We recognise the immense pressure the healthcare industry is currently under and there is an expectation to provide infection prevention measures wherever possible. We have consistently delivered premium products that prioritise infection control. Whether it be a sling or a care bed, we always consider the safety of staff using our products as well as the care needs of the patient. Supporting frontline staff requires a continued emphasis on protecting their personal safety, this will allow them to continue to do their job while using equipment that protects them.

An important factor of infection control is utilizing single-use products as much as possible. These are often simple accessories or extras within our comprehensive product range – but offer many benefits. Choosing quality products not only ensures longevity but also an improved level of comfort for the user and carers alike.


Single Patient Use HoverMatt

For COVID-19 infected patients, we would only recommend the Single Patient Use HoverMatt, and these have proven to be a safe and go-to option in the current environment. This is because the aerosol affect is very minimal, and it greatly limits contact with the patient. HoverMatt’s are continued to being used over the world to prone infected patients in ICU and reposition patients on the bed.

HoverMatt has recently proven that their products have immediate benefits for long-term improved COVID-19 patient outcomes, relating to prone positioning. Although COVID-19 presents unique challenges, the role of SPHM (safe patient handing and moving) equipment for patient and caregiver safety is as important as ever.

In addition to PPE, SPHM equipment should be regularly employed as part of an integrated COVID-19 safety policy. We recommend investing in HoverTech as it is built to las twith a more sustainable approach to infection prevention.

Guldmann Disposable Slings
More time to care – when treating Covid-19 patients.

Proning of respiratory patients is often an effective intervention used as a treatment in intensive care units. To turn a patient from a supine to a prone position can be a demanding process that involves a lot of resources when it comes to both time and protective equipment.

Using the right techniques in combination with the Guldmann Disposable Slings prone and side-lying positioning can be done safely and effectively with less staff needed.

Read more about slings used when treating COVID-19 patients here, or view our sling option below:

Disposable High Easy Sling – for patients who require hoist movement, the disposable easy sling is a general purpose sling for short stay patients who need to be moved. Specifically for acute situations for infection prevention.


Care of Sweden Air Alternating Mattresses

For patients who are immobile, or recovering from COVID-19, they are at a potential risk of pressure injuries, which further hinder their recovery. The Care of Sweden range at Active Healthcare provide several options for pressure care. The innovative range are also supported with disposable one use accessories and include a highly resistant mattress cover. Care of Sweden Alternating Air Mattresses are all fitted with covers that allow users to easily clean mattresses in a 95 degree wash as well as being 10% chlorine resistant. The mattresses also have a very popular pack and go feature which activates a quick deflate setting, reducing the carer interaction with the mattress if it has been exposed to an infected patient.

Keeping both staff and patients safe during this time is a priority in every care setting. We hope to support you during this challenging time with products that can provide greater benefits.