Best in class pressure care | CuroCell IQ Cirrus

CuroCell IQ Cirrus is the best pressure care mattress from pressure care innovator Care of Sweden. Offering unsurpassed comfort and reliability. Used as an ideal aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to and including category 4 and unclassified pressure injuries. This 5-star offering from the Care of Sweden range is suitable for all healthcare and homecare environments where premium comfort is a priority.

“The CuroCell IQ Cirrus mattress is the top of the line in our range, and I believe the best available on the market today,” explains National Product Manager for Pressure Care, Gus Thomas.

“What makes this mattress unique is the combination of air with a soft foam surface to provide the very best user comfort, we’ve had patients reluctant to return to their usual mattress due to the optimal levels of comfort,”  says Gus. Although pressure redistribution is a core function of this mattress comfort remains paramount, this air-alternating mattress easily treats and prevents pressure injuries while still providing a good night’s sleep.

Featuring a silent automatic control unit with a user-friendly interface. The mattress regulates independently and without manual adjustment and moves intuitively based on the user’s weight and position. Saving time for caregivers, and promoting higher levels of comfort for patients with low noise levels.

The control unit is equipped with the world-leading pulsating mode. “Pulsating mode, provides a constant low pressure in combination with the pressure-relieving effect of dynamic mode, which really is the best practice treatment today” states Gus Thomas, who regularly trains new users on the technology. This enhanced pulsating mode means that the pressure alternates and cells are emptied, but not completely. This gives a lower maximum pressure against the skin and slight movements in the mattress, which contributes to increased comfort and stability. The clinical effect of the pulsating mode has been investigated in scientific studies where both tissue perfusion, as well as prevention and therapeutic effect, are measured.

Made with sustainability and longevity, this mattress is formed from modern recyclable materials and is vapour permeable.  Covered in a specially designed four-way stretch hygienic cover that meets international standards for hygiene, quality, and safety reducing the risk of skin maceration.


  • Soft foam surface
  • Smart cable management
  • Easy handling and cleaning
  • Heel slope, for pressure redistribution of heels
  • Hygienic cover with welded seams
  • Soft, elastic, vapour permeable hygienic cover
  • CPR-function with transport function

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