TurnAll moves for you.

Turning and moving patients at regular intervals prevents pressure injuries and promotes faster recovery times. Our new TurnAll lateral turning system does all the heavy lifting, regularly moving patients to an optimal 30 degree angle at 30, 60 or 90 minute intervals.

Clinical practice guidelines recommend that the best method of preventing pressure injuries is to turn patients at least every two hours, day and night (NICE Guideline 2015). But this is not always possible, as caregivers and nursing staff are stretched in their current duties and it is unrealistic to get to every patient who needs turning.  Contributing to this is how demanding the task of turning patients can be, from a manual handling perspective.

“It is often so difficult for carers to turn people due to their own mobility restrictions, a product like the Turn All is in high demand to help alleviate the pressure on caregivers” explains Senior NZROT Carol Boyle. “Carers no longer need to get up in the night and move patients at two hour intervals,” she says.

Fortunately, there are many innovations in pressure care, including leading air-alternating mattresses, supplied by Active Healthcare. the Turn All is set to help make a move in the right direction for efforts in pressure injury prevention.

The system is to support clinicians and carers in the regular turning of immobile patients, who are at risk of developing pressure ulcers and for those who have existing pressure ulcers.

The 2019 International pressure ulcer guidelines ( EPUAP,NPIAP, PPPIA) recommend the use of the 30° lateral side lying position, which is what the Turn All is able to provide to patients, using an automatic timing system of 30, 60, and 90 minute intervals.

“The timing intervals are great as it’s simplified the task down to the necessary timings according to each environment,” says Gus Thomas, National Product Manager for Pressure Care at Active Healthcare.

The Turn All is a new product to Active Healthcare, set to meet the demand from the healthcare industry to relieve pressure on staff but also improve patient outcomes. Available in regular and bariatric sizes, and designed to work with any existing mattress to provide optimal positioning.

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