Hand check made easy

Support surfaces provide an essential treatment and prevention tool for pressure injuries. In order to achieve quality outcomes, the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP, 2015) advises checking the surface function by way of a ‘hand check’. Although they are recommended for all active air mattresses, the CuroCell A4 and CuroCell IQ active air mattresses options require less maintenance and make it that much easier.

Ensuring the margin helps identify whether the mattress will bottom out in advance. Our care of Sweden makes this process so easy for you as the air cells are readily accessible for caregivers, and are very simple to navigate.

Two-step system:

  1. Place a hand between the cells under the user’s pelvic region. Check that the user doesn’t “bottom out” and rest on the underlying mattress. We recommend a margin of one or two fingers.
  2. If the margin is too small, initiate automatic settings adjustment. Wait ten minutes and perform a new hand check.

The CuroCell range provides a luxury experience for user and caregivers alike, the hand check is not mandatory but is a nice method for peace of mind. Achieving more care in less time.

Watch the instruction video below:

Email us to ask for demonstration on the CuroCell range.