Introducing April Falls – addressing the serious issue of falls

For the month of April we will be focusing on falls, aptly named April Falls. As part of this we will be highlighting the ongoing problems faced by healthcare teams to prevent and treat falls and alongside this the best practice product solutions.

We realise the strain our sector is under currently, but that does not mean that falls stop happening. Over 300 falls occur every day in New Zealand, which has an immense cost and toll on our healthcare system. Falls can be prevented, with the right technology solutions, but our main aim this month is to remove the stigma associated with falls as many occurrences of falls are simply unavoidable. 

Active Healthcare has worked alongside clinicians for over 30 years to help identify what products work best for each patient’s needs and the unique environments they work in. From emergency settings to aged care facilities, each solution is bespoke to the application and developed according to the needs of all stakeholders.

We have advocated for access to falls retrieval products to be implemented across healthcare to prevent further injury to healthcare staff, and we will be sharing the benefits of this range, which includes the HoverJack and the Raizer.

Alongside this is our future-proofing innovations in falls like the Invisa-beam, which is a world-leading solution for falls prevention.

As part of our responsibility as a healthcare solutions provider we always look to source products that incorporate safe patient access. This means that a vast range of our beds and other products have been designed to minimise falls – stay tuned to learn more or view our beds online.

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