Free Standing Solutions

Active Healthcare provides two different types of Free Standing Rail Systems from world-leading hoist and sling manufacturer Guldmann. Detailed in this article are the two different types of systems, that are ideal for temporary lifting needs as they are simple to set up and take down.

The systems have been developed to be as easy as possible for all users and require no structural changes to the building, this also means they are not permanently fixed to walls or ceilings. This makes them ideal for handling temporary lifting needs, Active Healthcare helps many customers use these in private-use settings. The free-standing rail system takes up little floor space and therefore leaves plenty of room for everyone.

Promoting a safe working environment is crucial to every hoist, as well as good coverage in bedrooms, where users often have to be moved regularly, for example, to and from a wheelchair, or repositioned for a variety of care needs.

Rail systems are a great choice as they can easily be put up by just one or two people, with no need for specialist tools. As a result, it is ideal for subsequent reuse elsewhere.

Free-standing room covering rail systems (Pontus 4 post) are available in either height and length adjustability, or just height adjustability, depending on your needs. The lifting capacity varies on these systems, the height and length option lifts to 255 kg while the height only system lifts up to 350 kg. Both are made of lightweight aluminimum and in two standard sizes 3 x 3 meters or 4 x 4 meters and 284cm in height. These are a gr


eat option to put up, take down and transfer from one location to another. See more on our website.


Alongside these options is also the Two-Post Free Standing Mono Rail System, another quick option for effic

ient patient transfers, that only features one rail. Making it the most versatile and easy option out of the three, but with obvious limitations in room coverage and access.

As well as providing mobile hoist solutions, Active Healthcare offers a bespoke hoist service where we can identify your needs and install a hoist according to your care needs. Reach out to us today for more information on hoists.