Meet Active Healthcare’s new product model Sophia Malthus

You might recognize our model in our latest photography, Sophia Malthus paid a visit to Active Healthcare last month to help us demonstrate our range of slings and hoists.

Sophia is paralysed and relies on the use of hoists and slings to transfer out of her bedroom and bathroom at home. All of this means that Sophia is able to live very independently for someone with her type of injury. As a busy university student currently studying Law, she is trusts her Guldmann ceiling hoist to get her out of bed and into her chair to get to class on time.

Sophia explained that it took her some time to understand the equipment options available to her, she was originally prescribed equipment after leaving the Spinal Unit. “I had no idea there was so much [equipment] out there, until I visited friends houses and saw what they were using,” explained Sophia.

After getting hands on during our photoshoot Sophia says she is a fan of the Guldmann range; “I really like the Guldmann slings, I like that there are different types to suit what everyone needs.” She said, and currently uses the Guldmann Low Back Sling.

She also commented that Guldmann slings are easy to wash and maintain, making them preferred option for a busy student. Although Sophia doesn’t need to be in a sling for long, she still takes sling selection seriously, and expressed her concern about damaging her skin. “Skin integrity is a big issue,” she says, “We have to be careful not to pinch and rub on the skin in a sling.”

The team at Active Healthcare learned a lot from Sophia, and she was also able to see the entire range of slings. We hope you enjoy the new photos that show a real-life user who uses the product every day.