Sylvia Park shopping centre opens new accessible changing space

Sylvia Park shopping centre has opened a new accessible changeroom facility. To nondisabled shoppers, this might just sound like a wheelchair accessible bathroom, but for disabled visitors to Sylvia Park this space is a symbol of inclusion and independence.

The new accessible bathroom is a premium fitout that is beautifully appointed with warm and inviting finishings. The thinking behind this was to ensure it was a space that felt less like a sterile bathroom and more like a relaxing comfortable environment. “We didn’t want the space to feel clinical, we had a mural especially painted in beautiful warm tones to help people access the space as somewhere they want to go” explained Helen Ronald, Asset Manager who worked closely to deliver the project.

Every detail has been thought out, with top of the line equipment solutions, including a Guldmann ceiling hoist. Active Healthcare was privileged to be involved in this opportunity to collaborate and enable the disabled community. Active Healthcare team delivered the Guldmann ceiling hoist which sits within the bathroom as an exposed rail system. Known for attention to detail, the team ensured this system fitted perfectly into the space, allowing access across the entire room.

Users can enter the space via secure electronic door access, enabled by the center’s security team. They can then benefit from being able to transfer with the ceiling hoist, use the toilet, change table, and shower. The entire space has adequate room for more than one carer and comfortably fits wider wheel chairs.

Features of the Changeroom include:

  • Height adjustable accessible toilet and basin
  • Height adjustable accessible bed complete shower
  • Overhead ceiling hoist to support independent access throughout the space
  • Sharps disposable
  • Bottle wash
  • Secure access controlled through our security team – allowing 24/7 access, even when the centre is closed.
    • Simply push the buzzer to verify entry

The changeroom set a new standard for accessible bathrooms, and shopping centres across New Zealand. Disabled shoppers can shop with comfort, knowing they do not need to return home in order to access their hoist and perform required cares. Including this community is a momentous step forward for inclusion and signals the progressive nature of Sylvia Park as a luxury shopping experience. Active Healthcare is focussed on equitable health outcomes and we are so pleased to be part of this step forward.

The finishing touches are still taking place, but the changeroom should be available from 11th July and is free to access for eligible users 24/7. Located on the outside near the train station entrance of the centre, and beside newly appointed disable carparks.