Active Healthcare Team at Show Your Ability

The Active Healthcare team has recently been involved with the Show Your Ability event series held across dates in August in Auckland, Hamilton and Palmerston North.

Conor Tindall, Active Healthcare Sales Specialist attended all three shows, and said, “Being able to chat with the therapists in person and show what is new in our product range was very fulfilling.”

If you are a customer of Active Healthcare you might recognize the name, because Conor is the usually the voice down the end of the phone. Conor joined the company in 2020 as a Warehouse assistant and moved into a Sales Support role and has now progressed to Sales Specialist. This progression has occurred due to Conor’s conscientious approach to his work and how committed he is to our customers.  This was Conor’s first Show Your Ability series as COVID previously thwarted our plans to attend Show Your Ability, Conor explains, “With Covid disrupting SYA last year it was great to finally get out there and meet everyone from OT’s to the end users.  Not only was it a great opportunity to showcase our product but it was also a good to learn from our customers and hear their feedback on the equipment and service we provide. We were able to build stronger customer relationships and I look forward to what the future holds.”

The annual Show Your Ability showcases a breadth of equipment designed for community users that require special assistance in enabling them to move in their everyday lives. It is a pleasure to be able to serve people who require one of our solutions to help them live a more accessible life.

One of the new popular products was the Raiser II which was demonstrated on the day. As well as the ActivLift, as you can see demonstrated by Conor.

We will be going to the Christchurch event, on 17 October and the Dunedin event on 18th October.