Stop Pressure Injuries – Free SSKIN Poster

With the right pressure care solution, pressure injuries are largely preventable. We now understand more about pressure injuries than ever before, and at Active Healthcare we have developed a range of solutions to provide better health and greater comfort, reduced treatment time and less cost to the healthcare system.

Thursday, 17th November is Worldwide Stop Pressure Ulcer Day.

Pressure injuries are a global health problem, and this WHO day is designed to raise awareness and promote education around the occurrence of pressure injuries. They are painful, costly, and often preventable when we understand a patient’s risk profile.

Although pressure injuries can come on quickly, their prevalence and incidence rates are generally higher in those receiving palliative care, those with spinal cord injuries, neonates and infants, and individuals in critical care. It is recommended that healthcare professionals use the Braden Scale to determine someone’s risk profile.

Pressure injuries represent a major burden of sickness and reduced quality of life for patients and their caregivers, and they increase hospital costs significantly. Once someone has a pressure injury they will require extra support from caregivers to ensure they recover, adding to the entire healing process. Further to this, people suffering pressure injuries will experience both physical and psychological impacts, having a major setback in their recovery time is extremely disappointing and has a big mental impact.

Active Healthcare wants to help stop pressure injuries, we support World Wide Stop Pressure Ulcer Day each year by raising awareness. Download our free SSKIN poster here.

Key messages is “time to act, to keep the skin intact” #StopThePressure

Being in healthcare we have a responsibility to continue the dialogue and share the right resources that help to shed light on pressure injuries.

Pressure Care Video:

For more about World Wide Stop Pressure Ulcer Day, and a wealth of information on wound care, visit New Zealand Wound Care Society website.

Care of Sweden have developed a helpful Action Plan for Pressure Ulcers, which is designed to increase awareness of pressure ulcers and address the underlying causes and risks.  

The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel and the Pan Pacific Pressure Injury Alliance have joined forces to create a Guideline for the Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers.