6 Best Electric Lift Recliners – High-End & Affordable

If you’re looking for an electric recliner lift chair we have narrowed our product selection of over chairs to our top 6 to help you select the right chair.

An electric lift recliner is more than just a chair, it is a product that helps make life easier for seniors, patients and caregivers in hospitals. This should be the right choice for people who have to spend much of their time sitting in a certain position. Also, those who experience mobility issues including arthritis may find that they need an additional armchair at home to enjoy their favorite TV series or favorite book.

The market for electric lift recliners can be confusing for first-time shoppers looking for the right solution for their loved ones. Listed below are our tried and true six of our best electric lift recliners that have been tested and proven.


Cocoon Lift Recliner

Comfort – Function – Design

The Cocoon Recliner Chair is the ultimate in style, comfort and functionality. Featuring a dual motor for recline and lift functions, the Cocoon recliner chair is the ideal product to offer your customers the attention they deserve. Offering three lift angles to mobilise faster, this stylish chair comes in bariatric sizing with a SWL of 220kg.

What our customers think:

“After introducing the Cocoon to my client Eric he is now experiencing a higher level of comfort. As a result of this increased comfort, his pain has reduced when he goes to bed at night. He has less pain due to improved comfort during the day – attributed to the use of this chair. Eric reports that his feet no longer ache and this previously contributed to him having poor sleep duration – maximum sleep of 1-2 hours. Eric reports greatly improved sleep – he now sleeps up to 8 hours per night.”– Occupational Therapist


Golden MaxiComfort Lift & Recline

Pressure relief – Ergonomic Spinal Alignment

The Golden MaxiComfort Lift Recliner features patented MaxiComfort recline technology for correct spinal alignment, back pressure relief and improved circulation. The world’s only two motor power lift and recline chair allows dual motors to independently operate the back recline and leg rest, allowing for maximum comfort.

What our customers think:

“I recently completed a visit to check on the suitability of the Golden MaxiComfort Chair and it has been great. It is suitable for my client’s injury-related needs, he is more comfortable and has fallen asleep in the chair. We are both very pleased to take his old chair away!” – Occupational Therapist


Golden Cambridge Lift & Recline Chair

Bariatric – Ultimate Back Support

With a new and improved backrest, the Cambridge Recliner represents unsurpassed comfort and value. Designed with a specific focus on providing supportive comfort, but still making it possible to sit close to others in the same room, this recliner is sure to be the ultimate solution in any care setting.

What our customers think:

“Thank you for organising a trial for the Golden Cambridge Chair, it has been very successful. My client loves the chair, it does everything it says and more, and the colour works well with the décor in his lounge.” – Occupational Therapist


Golden Comforter Lift & Recline Chair

Perfect Size – Specialised Armrest Grip

The Comforter is a single motor lift recliner featuring plush, seamed backrest with lumbar support, a soft, comfortable seat and a unique ‘grip rite’ arm design. Enjoy the highest quality craftsmanship, comfort and technology with the latest in reclining power, memory foam and more.  Available in petite size through to large and tall.

What our customers think:

“My customer has decided that he is very happy with the chair and wants to keep it, thanks Active Healthcare for making the decision easy with the Golden Comforter.” – Occupational Therapist


Golden Comforter Wide lift and recline chair.

Preferred Bariatric Option – Plush Design

One size does not fit all. That’s why the Comforter Wide Series has wider seating areas and greater lifting capacities, giving a more comfortable experience for our customers. It also uses two heavy-duty motors for strength and support, without sacrificing the plush style you expect.

Available in Large, Tall and Wide sizes with an impressive SWL of 317kg in wide.

 What our customers think:

“Chair is working wonderfully, thank you!” – Occupational Therapists



Aspire Raphael Quattro Lift Recliner

Stylish Design – Advanced Recliner

Explore infinite positioning, with the Raphael. This contemporary high back chair is the epitome of style and luxury by Aspire. The upholstery options feature microsuede and vinyl fabrics that create a sophisticated finish, while luxurious padding provides comfort. With a 4-motor engineering system, infinite recline angles can be achieved. Let this be the true centre-piece in your modern home.

What our customers think:

“Helen now has her chair and I went out yesterday and she loves it!” – Occupational Therapist

Thank you for reading this article on our top 6 chairs, as you can see all of these chairs come with an Occupational Therapist’s stamp of approval. These chairs are more than just a lazyboy chair for comfort, they deliver everything you can expect from an electric recliner care chair. If anything confuses you or you still wish to know more about a chair not listed please do not hesitate to get in touch with our helpful and friendly team: sales@activehealthcare.co.nz 0800 336 339